Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dust 514 Beta Experience

Hey gamers! Yesterday I downloaded the DUST 514 Beta, and I have some things to tell you about that. Now I know it's a beta, and beta's aren't supposed to be full games, but I dont think a company as big as CCP can just release a game in that condition.

For those of you who dont know, DUST 514 is a Sci-Fi  Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter for the PS3. That's the game for 99% of the people. Shooting people on distant planets. What I got to know after my hours of playing it is that there is much more to it.

It is on the same servers as EVE, the Sci-Fi spaceship MMO for the PC. EVE Online, the game where whatever decision you make to do on your spaceship or planet changes the whole economy and politics. What that means is, get ready, not just EVE Online players on the PC change each others gameplay experience when making decisions, but, believe it or not, Eve Online players effect Dust 514 players experience. So when people on the PC are sending soldiers to conquer a planet, PS3 players are shooting each other for it. When a PC controlled spaceship is shooting a planet, guess what, PS3 players are getting killed. That is amazing.

Although the idea is wonderful and its a game with massive potential, it just doesn't have enough game modes (Capture the flag and Deathmatch), has underwhelming graphics, the guns and bullets just don't feel like in other good games, and maybe only for me, it was so complex. The menus, the skills,everything but the battlefield itself was so complicated it actually let me off the game.

Even though it is really complex, Sci-Fi lovers and especially Eve online players will love this game. I hope all you PS3 players out there are downloading it right now, because although it has its flaws, its a large scale game and will apeal to at least some of you.

As always I answer any questions in the comments, and sorry for my bad English. And sorry if you people were hoping more than one subject like most posts, but I had alot to say about this game.
See y'all next time

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