Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hey gamers! I have alot to say today so let's start. 
The PS4 event a few days ago was stunning, I loved every part of it. They showed the hardware at the beginning, but I'm not a hardware genious so I didn't mind it. On the forums alot of people said the hardware is dissapointing but when I saw the games, I realized I didn't dream to have anything as awesome as this. 
Lets talk about the games.

Deep Down:

Wow, I love RPG games, and this looks like a Dragon's Dogma sequel. I think, the trailers graphics are by far the best seen on this night. I hope Fantasy open world games will shine in the next-gen because these have the most potential to suck players in. I hope we get more details on this, as we didn't get any at all from Capcom in the event.


Incredible. I played Dust 514 on my PS3 and got amazed by how thousands of people can play together on a shooter. How amazing a MMO Sci-Fi game can be. This reminds me of that game and I think it is another game with massive potential, because MMOs are the ebst way to keep a player playing your game a long time.

inFamous: Second Son:

Looks really nice, all the information we know until now is good, and you can't go wrong with an inFamous game. As a fan of the series, I loved the story, the grim atmosphere and the gameplay. By the trailer, we have all of that here too, but you can never be sure until we see some minutes of gameplay. Anyways, it looks great and has caught my eye. 

Watch Dogs:

Ubisoft, you are the best game company out there. You always come out with great games, in every different genre, and blow the gamers minds. The idea of the hacker guy is really cool, and not only looks good on paper but looks good in the game too. Best IP I have seen in a while.

Thats all for today folks, have fun gaming and sorry for my Engrish.

Friday, 8 February 2013

PS4 Announcements

Hey gamers! So I saw the new Sony teaser video, and it looks awesome. As a pretty late PS3 buyer (May 2011), I didn't really need a new one, but why not?

So I know a lot of people might think this isn't a new Playstation Console, but I think it has to be, because if it isn't, people will get really pissed off. It obviously isn't a portable, the Vita hasn't been here that long so that isn't an option. I also hope it won't be so pricey, so it doesnt have a hard start like the last generation consoles did.

I'm super excited too, I guess I'll work hard all the summer to buy one. I hope games will be announced, because I don't play every game on the PS3 and if there isn't a Uncharted or another exclusive, I don't need to be excited yet. 

Out of curiosoty, I checked out the original Xbox 360 and PS3 announcements and I realized something nice. Besides both of them have gone a long way, Microsoft always had a better show coming on. They looked so modern even 7 years ago, while Sony looked extremely old, with the people on stage very nervous, and barely know how to speak English. Sony has gotten alot better in the last years, but I still think that Microsoft always has the upper hand.

I have a wierd guess too. If Microsoft were really mean, they would give the press a teaser about their next console a day before the event, and the hype about the next Sony console would lessen alot and open up a war. That'd be cool haha.

So as always, I answer your comments and sorry for my bad English :P

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dust 514 Beta Experience

Hey gamers! Yesterday I downloaded the DUST 514 Beta, and I have some things to tell you about that. Now I know it's a beta, and beta's aren't supposed to be full games, but I dont think a company as big as CCP can just release a game in that condition.

For those of you who dont know, DUST 514 is a Sci-Fi  Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter for the PS3. That's the game for 99% of the people. Shooting people on distant planets. What I got to know after my hours of playing it is that there is much more to it.

It is on the same servers as EVE, the Sci-Fi spaceship MMO for the PC. EVE Online, the game where whatever decision you make to do on your spaceship or planet changes the whole economy and politics. What that means is, get ready, not just EVE Online players on the PC change each others gameplay experience when making decisions, but, believe it or not, Eve Online players effect Dust 514 players experience. So when people on the PC are sending soldiers to conquer a planet, PS3 players are shooting each other for it. When a PC controlled spaceship is shooting a planet, guess what, PS3 players are getting killed. That is amazing.

Although the idea is wonderful and its a game with massive potential, it just doesn't have enough game modes (Capture the flag and Deathmatch), has underwhelming graphics, the guns and bullets just don't feel like in other good games, and maybe only for me, it was so complex. The menus, the skills,everything but the battlefield itself was so complicated it actually let me off the game.

Even though it is really complex, Sci-Fi lovers and especially Eve online players will love this game. I hope all you PS3 players out there are downloading it right now, because although it has its flaws, its a large scale game and will apeal to at least some of you.

As always I answer any questions in the comments, and sorry for my bad English. And sorry if you people were hoping more than one subject like most posts, but I had alot to say about this game.
See y'all next time

Friday, 25 January 2013

Pokemon Addiction

Hi Gamers! So today, in honour of me buying Ni No Kuni, I'm going to tell you the stories of my horrible addiction to Pokemon :D.

It started when I was a wee lil kid, I saw a grocery store in my neighborhood selling Pokemon lollipops and stickers. So I bought them everyday and I had a book to stick them in. A few months later I moved to the UK, where I got a gameboy color for my 5th (?) birthday to play Mario and ended up getting Pokemon Red instead. I could barely read so I really didn't understand anything and couldn't move past the old guy in Viridian City

A month passed, and I got all the pokemon including Mew and Mewtwo. I traded the game to a friend for a Pokemon Yellow and got Pokemon Blue and finished both even though they were the same. I got Pokemon Gold on Ebay and finished it very very quickly. And the same with Crystal.

 I don't know why, but I magically beat the games in the order they were meant to be played even though they were all out when I started my first game. I also had to play and finish at least two games from a generation although they were the same thing. 

One day, I saw a shop was selling a disk with Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby on it, so I bought it straight away. It was a rom and I didn't know anything about roms except making them go fast so hear this: 
Everyday, for a few months, I would wake up at about 4am to start playing Pokemon Ruby on the PC at x2 speed, and I didn't know how to save. So when I came from school, I would find that my PC was shut off by my parents and I started again the day after. And again, and again. For like 100 times. 

I got Pokemon FireRed and played through it all but I didn't like the game somehow. I think I was addicted to the big pixels. 

For my 9th birthday I got a DS by surprise, with a Pokemon Diamond. I played with it all day and everywhere I went I took my charging cable along with me. Chimchi had to get to 100, you know.

From then, the story is mostly the same. I played through the main series, the Rangers series, Mystery Dungeons and some Wii ones. I don't have a favorite -_-. I think the generations are getting worse and worse, but I play them anyways 'cos Pokemon rocks. I cannot wait for the new Pokemon X and Y, and I'm gonna buy a 3DS just to play them.

Once again, I answer all comments, and sorry for my amazingly wonderful English.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

PS4 Concept

Hi gamers!
I said I have something to show you people, so I'm going to show it today. I hope i'm not the only one, but I think there are enough PS4 and Xbox 720 concepts out there. Every single day I see more information that may, or may not, be true. So while I was walking today from school I got up with a concept for the new PS4 . I tried drawing and using photoshop. I can't do neither so dont complain. BEHOLD-

The first thing you might think is "Whats the circles about" or "Why is this a tablet" or "Where is the gameplay held". Well, the first thing about the new concept is instead of disks, magnetic decals

The explanation is done F.A.Q style, so here it is

Why is this on a tablet?!
This might look like a Wii U tablet, but it is the actual console. All the hard drives, ram and stuff is inside, so it is quite thicker than a usual tablet and will be bigger than the one I horribly drew here. The games themselves will be played on a TV, not the tablet.

What are the games circles?
Ok, this might be kind of hard to understand, but instead of buying disks, you will buy magnets. To play a game, you put it in the shape in the lower part of the tablet, and it will aautomatically load on the TV. To install a game, you will put the magnet on the lighter gray part of the tablet and let it stay there for some time until it says its done on the TV. Then you can take it off and the picture will be embedded on the tablet.

What are these lines and the small gray box?
The lines appear after you finish installing a game and the box shows how much GB you have left.

You forgot the controllers?
Same Dualshock I know and love. But no Sixaxis, hate that horrid thing.

What if I have no room  on the box but I have more GB for games?
No worries, if you fill up the box, but have more space, the games will shrink in size and you will have space for more gaming goodness.

What else can I do on the tablet?
PSN, and all the other stuff you can on an iPad/tablet.

Why is this so awesome?
Dunno, tell me.

What are the specs?
10 GB Ram, 20 TB space, and any other amazing specs.

I actually spent 3 hours on this little picture, so tell me in the comments what you think ;)
Sorry for my first-grade English
See y'all tommorow !

Stupid friends

Hi gamers! Yesterday I went to check the PSN store and the endless update finally finished. I went over to my Playstation Plus account to check out if there are new free games to download and saw Darksiders. I thought this was awesome so I went and started downloading it before going to bed. I am a massive fan of the genre ( Assassins Creed series, Skyrim, Saints Row etc.). The day after that I had school so I wanted to start it after school.

So I went to school to this kid who I met once told me he had a 2.0 K/D in Battlefield, and asked him about Darksiders. Well, since I had a K/D of something like 0.5 in Battlefield I thought this kid was some god so I asked him all the time about games and I only buy them if he sayd they were good. He is one of the only people I know who is a "hardcore" gamer somehow. I probably dont know the right people. Anyways he said that he started Darksiders 2 and he stopped 20 minutes ingame "'Cause it's a crappy game", so I might not play it anyway..

I also found out how to take screenshots in games so next time I'm on my PS3 and something really epic is going on, I'll snap some pics for you people so you'll be part of my over-excitement. I started Tekken up and  tried taking pics yesterday for something like an hour until I realized I cant take pics in Tekken Tag Tournament because of some idiotic developer who decided not to allow you to take them..

In the next few hours I'm going to post something cool lol. Get ready and stuff :P
As always, I answer any appropriate questions in the comments, and sorry for my terrible English.
See y'all in a few hours :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

PC Gaming :P

Hi gamers! I just came back from a friend's house and it was the first time I witnessed Steam. 

For those of you who dont know(I doubt it), "Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform"(Wikipedia)", Which is basically a software which lets you buy PC games for abnormal prices. 

This friend of mine started buying on Steam about a month before christmas, but it didn't look like that. He said he bought only 100$ of games but we needed to scroll to see the long list of them. I just realized all my money wasting on full-price console games was not needed. On Steam, I could buy games every day and play each one 5 seconds before moving to buy another one. This got me hyped up more than ever to get the gaming PC I always wanted. Im still not sure though, because I hope Sony and Microsoft will surprise me. The Illumiroom project thingy that Microsoft showed on CES a week ago was pretty sweet, and I hope Sony have something up their sleeve too.

My friend showed me some great games on Ultra graphics, and it was amazing! One was Crysis 2, which made me want to get the new Crysis that will come out in February. The story looks nice and the graphics are mindblowing. I also love the bow, but after AC3 and Far Cry 3 I think I got enough of it.

Also, as I said in my last post, I have some money on PSN and I'm still wondering what to get. The problem is, probably some of you know that PSN is closed now for 2 days and I cant even check the prices or look at the different games so I hope Sony starts to do something, because I can't wait to start something new. I think I might buy Crysis 2 so I will start Crysis 3 better or the DmC HD Collection so I can play DmC 5 with some better knowledge of the series. 

As last time, I will answer every appropriate question in the comments, and sorry again for my bad English lol.See you tommorow !