Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hey gamers! I have alot to say today so let's start. 
The PS4 event a few days ago was stunning, I loved every part of it. They showed the hardware at the beginning, but I'm not a hardware genious so I didn't mind it. On the forums alot of people said the hardware is dissapointing but when I saw the games, I realized I didn't dream to have anything as awesome as this. 
Lets talk about the games.

Deep Down:

Wow, I love RPG games, and this looks like a Dragon's Dogma sequel. I think, the trailers graphics are by far the best seen on this night. I hope Fantasy open world games will shine in the next-gen because these have the most potential to suck players in. I hope we get more details on this, as we didn't get any at all from Capcom in the event.


Incredible. I played Dust 514 on my PS3 and got amazed by how thousands of people can play together on a shooter. How amazing a MMO Sci-Fi game can be. This reminds me of that game and I think it is another game with massive potential, because MMOs are the ebst way to keep a player playing your game a long time.

inFamous: Second Son:

Looks really nice, all the information we know until now is good, and you can't go wrong with an inFamous game. As a fan of the series, I loved the story, the grim atmosphere and the gameplay. By the trailer, we have all of that here too, but you can never be sure until we see some minutes of gameplay. Anyways, it looks great and has caught my eye. 

Watch Dogs:

Ubisoft, you are the best game company out there. You always come out with great games, in every different genre, and blow the gamers minds. The idea of the hacker guy is really cool, and not only looks good on paper but looks good in the game too. Best IP I have seen in a while.

Thats all for today folks, have fun gaming and sorry for my Engrish.

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