Friday, 8 February 2013

PS4 Announcements

Hey gamers! So I saw the new Sony teaser video, and it looks awesome. As a pretty late PS3 buyer (May 2011), I didn't really need a new one, but why not?

So I know a lot of people might think this isn't a new Playstation Console, but I think it has to be, because if it isn't, people will get really pissed off. It obviously isn't a portable, the Vita hasn't been here that long so that isn't an option. I also hope it won't be so pricey, so it doesnt have a hard start like the last generation consoles did.

I'm super excited too, I guess I'll work hard all the summer to buy one. I hope games will be announced, because I don't play every game on the PS3 and if there isn't a Uncharted or another exclusive, I don't need to be excited yet. 

Out of curiosoty, I checked out the original Xbox 360 and PS3 announcements and I realized something nice. Besides both of them have gone a long way, Microsoft always had a better show coming on. They looked so modern even 7 years ago, while Sony looked extremely old, with the people on stage very nervous, and barely know how to speak English. Sony has gotten alot better in the last years, but I still think that Microsoft always has the upper hand.

I have a wierd guess too. If Microsoft were really mean, they would give the press a teaser about their next console a day before the event, and the hype about the next Sony console would lessen alot and open up a war. That'd be cool haha.

So as always, I answer your comments and sorry for my bad English :P

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