Sunday, 20 January 2013

Stupid friends

Hi gamers! Yesterday I went to check the PSN store and the endless update finally finished. I went over to my Playstation Plus account to check out if there are new free games to download and saw Darksiders. I thought this was awesome so I went and started downloading it before going to bed. I am a massive fan of the genre ( Assassins Creed series, Skyrim, Saints Row etc.). The day after that I had school so I wanted to start it after school.

So I went to school to this kid who I met once told me he had a 2.0 K/D in Battlefield, and asked him about Darksiders. Well, since I had a K/D of something like 0.5 in Battlefield I thought this kid was some god so I asked him all the time about games and I only buy them if he sayd they were good. He is one of the only people I know who is a "hardcore" gamer somehow. I probably dont know the right people. Anyways he said that he started Darksiders 2 and he stopped 20 minutes ingame "'Cause it's a crappy game", so I might not play it anyway..

I also found out how to take screenshots in games so next time I'm on my PS3 and something really epic is going on, I'll snap some pics for you people so you'll be part of my over-excitement. I started Tekken up and  tried taking pics yesterday for something like an hour until I realized I cant take pics in Tekken Tag Tournament because of some idiotic developer who decided not to allow you to take them..

In the next few hours I'm going to post something cool lol. Get ready and stuff :P
As always, I answer any appropriate questions in the comments, and sorry for my terrible English.
See y'all in a few hours :)

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