Friday, 18 January 2013

First Post :D

Hi gamers! I am 15 years old, live in Israel, and I'm addicted to video games. I wouldn't call myself a "hardcore" gamer, but more of a "Casual" +. I have a PS3, had countless DS's and a horrible pc.
 I'll probably upgrade my pc after the summer holidays, since I might find myself a job, but until then, I'm pretty screwed. I'll also get a 3DS until October, because of my massive obsession to Pokemon, since the age of 0.

Anyways, I mooch money out of my parents and basically any other sibling I have who works, even if they can't afford it. My latest gaming adventures where Far Cry 3, which I thought was amazing, AC3, which was the most underwhelming gaming experience I have ever had in my few years of gaming, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I can't believe I have never got to play anything from the tekken series, and the second I finished my 5 hour marathon of online gaming, I got on Wikipedia and started reading the whole story from the first tekken, until the 6'th one. I think the story beats the Mortal Kombat one, but that thought differs from person to person.

I havent actually ever thought of fighting games as actual games until this one, even though Tekken Tag Tournament doesn't actualy have a story, but more of games to play with a friend, or just games that you play when you can't be bothered to start skyrim(or basicaly any other game that sucks you in) or dont have any time. The ending movies are fantastic, I loved the different art styles that make every story unique. Anyways, I have 50 pounds on PSN and I'd like to get a good game that will take me a long time to finish. I'll update you on my next post. Thinking about the new DmC or Dishonored.

I'll probably update this blog daily, and I will answer any questions you have any (if there are comments on this site - I dont know yet lol).Sorry for my English, see you soon!

PS. Even though I make blogs from this user, she isnt me.

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