Friday, 25 January 2013

Pokemon Addiction

Hi Gamers! So today, in honour of me buying Ni No Kuni, I'm going to tell you the stories of my horrible addiction to Pokemon :D.

It started when I was a wee lil kid, I saw a grocery store in my neighborhood selling Pokemon lollipops and stickers. So I bought them everyday and I had a book to stick them in. A few months later I moved to the UK, where I got a gameboy color for my 5th (?) birthday to play Mario and ended up getting Pokemon Red instead. I could barely read so I really didn't understand anything and couldn't move past the old guy in Viridian City

A month passed, and I got all the pokemon including Mew and Mewtwo. I traded the game to a friend for a Pokemon Yellow and got Pokemon Blue and finished both even though they were the same. I got Pokemon Gold on Ebay and finished it very very quickly. And the same with Crystal.

 I don't know why, but I magically beat the games in the order they were meant to be played even though they were all out when I started my first game. I also had to play and finish at least two games from a generation although they were the same thing. 

One day, I saw a shop was selling a disk with Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby on it, so I bought it straight away. It was a rom and I didn't know anything about roms except making them go fast so hear this: 
Everyday, for a few months, I would wake up at about 4am to start playing Pokemon Ruby on the PC at x2 speed, and I didn't know how to save. So when I came from school, I would find that my PC was shut off by my parents and I started again the day after. And again, and again. For like 100 times. 

I got Pokemon FireRed and played through it all but I didn't like the game somehow. I think I was addicted to the big pixels. 

For my 9th birthday I got a DS by surprise, with a Pokemon Diamond. I played with it all day and everywhere I went I took my charging cable along with me. Chimchi had to get to 100, you know.

From then, the story is mostly the same. I played through the main series, the Rangers series, Mystery Dungeons and some Wii ones. I don't have a favorite -_-. I think the generations are getting worse and worse, but I play them anyways 'cos Pokemon rocks. I cannot wait for the new Pokemon X and Y, and I'm gonna buy a 3DS just to play them.

Once again, I answer all comments, and sorry for my amazingly wonderful English.

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