Sunday, 20 January 2013

PS4 Concept

Hi gamers!
I said I have something to show you people, so I'm going to show it today. I hope i'm not the only one, but I think there are enough PS4 and Xbox 720 concepts out there. Every single day I see more information that may, or may not, be true. So while I was walking today from school I got up with a concept for the new PS4 . I tried drawing and using photoshop. I can't do neither so dont complain. BEHOLD-

The first thing you might think is "Whats the circles about" or "Why is this a tablet" or "Where is the gameplay held". Well, the first thing about the new concept is instead of disks, magnetic decals

The explanation is done F.A.Q style, so here it is

Why is this on a tablet?!
This might look like a Wii U tablet, but it is the actual console. All the hard drives, ram and stuff is inside, so it is quite thicker than a usual tablet and will be bigger than the one I horribly drew here. The games themselves will be played on a TV, not the tablet.

What are the games circles?
Ok, this might be kind of hard to understand, but instead of buying disks, you will buy magnets. To play a game, you put it in the shape in the lower part of the tablet, and it will aautomatically load on the TV. To install a game, you will put the magnet on the lighter gray part of the tablet and let it stay there for some time until it says its done on the TV. Then you can take it off and the picture will be embedded on the tablet.

What are these lines and the small gray box?
The lines appear after you finish installing a game and the box shows how much GB you have left.

You forgot the controllers?
Same Dualshock I know and love. But no Sixaxis, hate that horrid thing.

What if I have no room  on the box but I have more GB for games?
No worries, if you fill up the box, but have more space, the games will shrink in size and you will have space for more gaming goodness.

What else can I do on the tablet?
PSN, and all the other stuff you can on an iPad/tablet.

Why is this so awesome?
Dunno, tell me.

What are the specs?
10 GB Ram, 20 TB space, and any other amazing specs.

I actually spent 3 hours on this little picture, so tell me in the comments what you think ;)
Sorry for my first-grade English
See y'all tommorow !

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