Saturday, 19 January 2013

PC Gaming :P

Hi gamers! I just came back from a friend's house and it was the first time I witnessed Steam. 

For those of you who dont know(I doubt it), "Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform"(Wikipedia)", Which is basically a software which lets you buy PC games for abnormal prices. 

This friend of mine started buying on Steam about a month before christmas, but it didn't look like that. He said he bought only 100$ of games but we needed to scroll to see the long list of them. I just realized all my money wasting on full-price console games was not needed. On Steam, I could buy games every day and play each one 5 seconds before moving to buy another one. This got me hyped up more than ever to get the gaming PC I always wanted. Im still not sure though, because I hope Sony and Microsoft will surprise me. The Illumiroom project thingy that Microsoft showed on CES a week ago was pretty sweet, and I hope Sony have something up their sleeve too.

My friend showed me some great games on Ultra graphics, and it was amazing! One was Crysis 2, which made me want to get the new Crysis that will come out in February. The story looks nice and the graphics are mindblowing. I also love the bow, but after AC3 and Far Cry 3 I think I got enough of it.

Also, as I said in my last post, I have some money on PSN and I'm still wondering what to get. The problem is, probably some of you know that PSN is closed now for 2 days and I cant even check the prices or look at the different games so I hope Sony starts to do something, because I can't wait to start something new. I think I might buy Crysis 2 so I will start Crysis 3 better or the DmC HD Collection so I can play DmC 5 with some better knowledge of the series. 

As last time, I will answer every appropriate question in the comments, and sorry again for my bad English lol.See you tommorow !

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